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Fri Sep 8 10:10:40 EDT 2000

Collin Collier wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> Anyone know about the bama site with the manuals? Has it changed? Can't
> seem to get on. Any help?
>   <73>, Collin N4TUA
>              n4tua at
>           " My favorite radios glow in the dark"

Hi Collin, Charlie, Bill and anyone else having troubles with BAMA,

I'm sorry about the difficulties that were experienced by those trying
to use BAMA over the last week.  I returned home yesterday from a short
holiday at the beach to find several messages about getting the "maximum
number of anonymous FTP users" error message.  I sent an email to the
networks guru at last night and received a reply from him this
morning saying that it should be OK now.  I'm not sure exactly how it
happens and why it can't be prevented, but occasionally someone will
remain connected to the ftp server, even though they believe that they
have disconnected.  After you have three or four of these "hung
processes" all users are competing for one or two remaining connections
to BAMA, making it all but impossible to connect.

Thanks for telling me it was "broken."

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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