SP 600

Gene Holcombe n5zdf at NETDOOR.COM
Mon Sep 11 15:38:33 EDT 2000

Got some questions and need any advice you can give me.  Received last week
a like new SP 600 and bless be it has all ceramic disc caps rather than
black beauties.  Right now I have a six foot wire on the antenna and is
getting some of the AM broadcast bands.  Not much performance beyond that on
upper bands.  Probably got some weak tubes in there.  Any suggestion where I
start changing out.  Have a new in the box LS 3 military speaker being
shipped in to use on it.  My new Premier cabinet made up for the SP600 came
in this morning and look forward to getting it installed this evening.
Should be a nice addition to the Ham Shack.  There are some mods you can add
to present circuitry to get SSB, get a TMC 591 converter, find a HC 10 SSB
converter or consider the TD- 1 converter available from Electric Radio for
about $130 bucks.  What means is good without going to a heck of a lot of
expense.  Any helpful suggestions you cangive me will be appreciated.  Thanx

Gene  N5ZDF

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