CX Newsletter

Sat Sep 16 20:03:04 EDT 2000


     Finally got the latest CX Newsletter put together
and in distribution.  Those who e-mailed an entry got it
via e-mail; those who sent SASE will be getting it via

     The jinx continues, although not so bad this time:
I had it all together and one copy printed out, using two
computers, when one of them died...  Fortunately I DID have
the hard copy to go by, so re-typed four pages....  Could
have been worse (like the last couple of years when I lost
the whole thing in a computer crash, then had most of the
letters disappeared by the cleaning lady).

     Anyway, it is available either via e-mail or USPS.
If you want the latter send me two first class stamps and
your mailing address.  If the former let me know (with
e-mail address, of course).  It IS long - sent it out
e-mail in a total of five parts...

     And in any case be sure to get in on "CX" - the Classic
Radio Exchange one week from tomorrow (Sunday, September 24).

    73,  Al  N5AIT

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