SP 600

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Sun Sep 17 10:27:18 EDT 2000

Gene...A DX100 is always good as  is a  B&W5100 or VikingII
We have a  large AM group on 75 meters every Sat and Sun
on 3.850 at 7AM to 9AM  and again on 7.190
at 2PM central...You will hear  KW1's...Globe Kings , Heath,
Elmac....you name it there..Lots of Iron  and great audio....
Only a couple of 32V's on...A lot of Johnson from the Viking II
to Desk KW's on...Great group...We are all getting togeather at the Belton
Hamfest Oct 7th for a photo and lunch as well
as a BBQ on Friday night the 6th....

73's   Bob K1JNN/5

At 09:16 AM 9/17/00, you wrote:
>With my SP600 in its new cabinet, I had removed the top and bottom covers
>and now offer them to someone who may need them.  Some kinda value there
>plus shipping.  Four knurled knob screws for top cover and screws for bottom
>cover.  With a HC 10 SSB converter enroute, I will be  ready for some good
>cruising on the ham bands.  One thing I am considering is getting a good AM
>transmitter to go with the SP 600 and join some of the folks on AM'ing.  One
>ham mentioned a DX 100 B as being good for use.  Any recommendations from
>you good folks.
>73  Gene  N5ZDF

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