FS: BC-221-J Freq Meter *Water Damaged*

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Fri Sep 22 08:46:19 EDT 2000

This is a sad story....

This has to be one of the nicest BC-221s I've ever seen cosmetically.  It
is the  black Air Corps case complete with calibration book.  However, and
most unfortunately, someone neglected it or left it in a basement where it
was damaged by water or moisture.  The controls are locked up but it
otherwise looks great.

It would be good as a static display item or museum piece.  I believe that
with a little TLC it could be resurrected.  Unfortunately I don't have time
to do this but someone out there would probably be able to do it easily
enough.  It's worth the effort because of the cosmetic condition of this piece.

I'll sell it for $35.00 plus shipping.  I can deliver it to Hosstraders in
NH next month.

If interested please reply by e-mail.



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