FS HM-102 and Ant Tuner Parts

William J. Graham bgraham at TECNET1.JCTE.JCS.MIL
Sun Sep 24 21:27:50 EDT 2000

Heath HM-102 with repo manual. Cracked meter cover, 1 switch
added to front panel. Works,  $25 + shipping.

I have the following "antenna tuner" parts for
sale. I would like to sell as a "set" rather than
one at a time.

Cardwell 154-2 variable capacitors, 2 each
15-353 pF 2kV. Used, good condition.

EF Johnson 229-203 roller inductor 28 uH
 Used, good condition.

B+W Midiductor #2410T 3" x 10"  10 TPI
200 uH  New Old Stock but first 3 or 4 turns from
each end have been bent.. although they have
been bent back close to shape.

$130 shipped for "set".

(NOTE: New prices at SS of N over $300 )


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