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Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Fri Sep 29 17:17:02 EDT 2000

Greetings folks,

There is a serious issue that I need to bring up.

You all probably know that the only way to post to a Tempe list is from the
return email address on your email program.  This is designed so that only
subscribed people can post...making it a little bit of a hassle for spammers
to send to the lists.  Knowing is a real serious problem that
you need to watch out for.

Many times, especially when changing to a new email service, there is an
automated system that offers to send an email to everyone you know to tell
them about your new address.  NEVER EVER put in a reflector (or list server)
address in one of these automated systems.  Actually, you might want to
consider not using them at's why.

Once you have given all of these addresses out, the automated system will
send messages to everyone telling them you have a new address...and this
verifies that your list is comprised of real email addresses.  Bingo...these
addresses are worth a little more money when sold to spammers if they are
verified as good addresses.  More important however, the automated system
now knows YOUR address and the address of the REFLECTOR.  It can now post
ads to your friends and the REFLECTOR by using your address as a return

Just to give you all fair warning....this will get your address instantly
and permanently removed from all Tempe lists.  And, it'll probably get a few
of your friends mad at you too if they figure out who the spammers got their
addresses from.

Now, go back to talking about radios....but be careful what you are doing on
the net....with your personal information AND that of others.

Dave, AI7R
List admin

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