4 Sale Collins Collection

Leo KJ6HI radioleo at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Sep 30 01:28:12 EDT 2000

I have moved and don't have room for some of my  PERSONAL Collins
Collection I have been collecting for 10 years. I need to thin some of the
pieces out. All these pieces are BEAUTIFUL. I thought I would give
the  group the first chance....73

A.  I have a Collins KWM-1 transceiver, 516F-1 Collins matching power
supply for the KWM-1, original box for the KWM-1, Astatic SSB head desk
microphone wired for the KWM-1, comes with the original manual also. This
station was bought be me from the ORIGINAL owner he purchased it new in
1959. I also have the matching Collins 312B-2 station console (Rare Item).
The KWM-1 was worked on by Wayne W6IRD. If I was to rate this one it would
be a 9.6, but remember I am very conservative with my grading.... $3000.00
CCA Very good (cleanest one I have seen)

B.  Collins 75A-3 receiver with all the OPTIONAL internal accessories.  6.0
khz AM filter,  8R-1 Crystal Calibrator, and NBFM adaptor. I have the had
the case repainted with black krinkle paint ( Painted at a place that
paints, and bakes the paint on) They paint  military components.....Its a
hair darker than the front panel but it beautiful. This is my favorite
Collins receiver.
$1500.00  This is a beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C. Collins 399C-1  external VFO for the KWM-2, this beauty does not have a
phone patch/wattmeter/swr meter
$1500.00 Very clean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D. Collins 312B-3 speaker only $275.00

E. Collins PM-2 power supply for a KWM-2  $199.00 CCA very good

F. Collins 62S-1 144/50 MHZ converter $2000.00 with  manual , and cable CCA
very good  ( I have 2 of them for SALE)

G. Collins 62S-1 144/50 MHZ converter $2000.00 with manual, and cable CCA
very good

H.. Collins 75S-3 winged emblem receiver $550.00 looks great... CCA very good

I.  (2) Collins 270G-2  speakers repainted with black krinkle paint $350.00

J. Beautiful S-line consisting of a 75S-3, 32S-3, 516F-2 manuals, and
cables, all winged emblem in excellent condition $1500.00
all original....CCA Excellent...



(310) 670-6969

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