Windows Daylight Savings Time Problem...

David Ross ross at HYPERTOOLS.COM
Tue Apr 3 00:37:07 EDT 2001

J. Forster" wrote:
> If you noted the closing times of items you are interested in bidding for in the
> last few days, CHECK THOSE TIMES well in advance. There is apparently some bug
> in Microsoft C++ that caused an hour's error in closing times. It cost me two
> bids today !!!!

  This problem will fix itself in a week, according to Micros??t...  The
quote below from:

> Chris Hargarten, product manager for Visual C++, says the problem's
> been around since 1995, but it wasn't discovered until recently.
> "Any time [the first day of] daylight-saving time falls on April 1,
> [the Library] won't calculate the time difference correctly for a
> week," Hargarten said.
> Hargarten says Microsoft is aware of the problem and has been
> working on a solution for some time.

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