Bad mica caps.

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Tue Apr 10 03:40:14 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I have reservations about the reported mica cap failures. If they were stored in
the damp, and voltage applid before drying out, I can see a failure, but
otherwise it seems unlikely.

Here is what a friend said:

> Does seem a little odd, but they do short if they get too much current run through them.  They
> can get leaky if they get excessively wet.  If they were properly taken care of...and did not
> have a tremendous current (or HUGE overvoltage..followed by...overcurrent)  They could last
> 200 years!
I think old gear needs to be dried thoroughly before applying power, especially
HV. If that were done, I suspect they would not have failed.

Take care,

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