Need schematic for ICP2500

William Fuqua Wlfuqu00 at POP.UKY.EDU
Tue Apr 10 16:04:32 EDT 2001

  I now seem to have 2ea ICP2500 plasma generators. These are 2500 watt
output generators on 13.56 MHz and
are made by PlasmaTherm (I think is the name).  They require 208 3 phase input.
    I plan to convert to Linear AB1 SSB and CW service 1500 Watts out.
These have a 5CX1500 in each of them driven by
a 6146 with a 6CL6 crystal oscillator. I will probably remove the driver
and go to a terminator on the untuned input.
  If you have a schematic or manual please e-mail so I can make arrangement
to have a copy made. I contacted
  the factory and they want many times what I paid for the generators for a

Bill wa4lav

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