FS: More xfmrs etc.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Apr 12 14:27:59 EDT 2001

For sale:  Transformers.... and

1)  115/120/125V primary / 1340V at 100 mA, no CT, 380V CT at 145mA, plus 5V at
3A. Will sell for $44.00

2)  115V AC primary / 1000V at 160mA plus 6.3V at 5A,  5V at 2A and 7V at 5A
Will sell for $48.00

3)  117V AC primary  /  6.3V at 13 Amps plus 6.3V at 13 Amps
(Twop 6.3V windings) also two 24V windings at 1.5A each
Potted, size approximately 4"  X  5"  X  7" tall.
Will sell for $36.00

4)  115, 120, 125V Primary  /  400V CT at 100mA, 6.3V at 15A,  6.3V at 8A
and 6.3V at 3A.
Will sell for $38.00

5) Raytheon 115V AC Primary  /  772V at 70mA,  10V at 26 Amps plus TWO windings
each 2.5V at 5 Amps (not CTs)
Will sell for $50.00

Shipping is additional on all transformers.


Western Electric Model KS-14103
Line test set with test lead cable in excellent condition in a suitcase style case with
unique rope handle. Untested. Complete, as-is. Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping

Military Fluxmeter type TS-15C/AP includes probe and appears to be in very excellent
cosmetic shape. Untested, complete as-is, with probe and test lead cable. Corroded
internal battery pack. Otherwise superb looking. \Will sell for $58.00 plus shipping

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