Friday 13th and USPS gorillas.... :=(((

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Fri Apr 13 20:50:23 EDT 2001

Some weeks ago,  I found and bought a WW II vintage Ohmite Antenna Dummy Load
resistor, D-100-73, which was encased in a glass globe with a 4 pin, tube like,

Well, it came in today, nicely packed in bubble wrap, glass globe intact, but
WITH THE GUTS SMASHED. This not the first time the USPS, UPS, or FedEx has
smashed things. The current list includes:

a NIB No 19 MK III set
a No 19 set dynamotor
a Tektronix RTD-710A digitizer

AND, if you can believe it

A CAST IRON milling machine part.

It's no wonder some old gear is scarce. It can survive wars, but not shipment
across the USA.


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