10 Meter AM Net this Sunday

Fri Apr 20 19:19:14 EDT 2001

Hello fellow listmembers,

This Sunday, Pete, K5PZ, will not be able to do the 10M AM net on 29050 and
has asked me to make an attempt at filling in.

This net is very informal largely due to the nature of 10 meters. Any and
all AMers using any and all types of equipment are welcome to check-in. It
does not have to be vintage gear either. It is run-what-you-brung. The whole
idea is to exercise this portion of spectrum and keep the spirit of AM alive
up on 10M.

We normally call upon other willing volunteers to make calls and take
check-ins from various parts of the country during the net. So if you don't
hear anything immediately, just standby...   Eventually, if conditions are
halfway decent, you will probably be able to hear one of the able-bodied
volunteers and check-in. If, like the last two weeks, you hear nothing for a
long time... just give a shout and have your own net with the locals.

For those who haven't tried this 10M AM net (which has run maybe about 5-6
times so far), it is not much like the normal 20M nets! But it is ...uh...
challenging. And fun.

Tim, K6TIM, may be able to help out on West Coast to take some of the many
East Coasters. I usually do OK with Texas, Arizona, California and Europe
but usually can't hear the Pacific Northwest or Florida. Hopefully some
others will be able to pitch in.

Please give a listen on 29050 if you are around this Sunday. Net time is
1700 Zulu or 1pm Eastern, 12noon Central, 11am Mountain, and 10am Pacific
time. The net normally lasts for about one hour. I will try to show up a
little early just to get the ball rolling.

Hope to see everyone there.

73, Russ WQ3X

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