GSB-100 and GSB-101

Bill Abate wabate at DANDY.NET
Wed Apr 25 14:26:52 EDT 2001


I have the Gonset SSB transmitter and matching amplifier for sale.  The
transmitter has about 5 watts of RF out so the supplies, etc. should be
OK.  Did not dig in any deeper.  Asking $125 plus shipping.  The
amplifier is a desktop type amp, 80-10M,  with 4 new 811A's.  Has good
output.  Asking $325 plus shipping for it.  Front panels on both are
good.  These are both true boatanchors and are HEAVY.  Suggest pick up
near Philadelphia or maybe bring to Dayton for a buyer.

I have jpgs.  Email with any questions.


Bill, K3PGB

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