H. W. Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Thu Apr 26 19:27:43 EDT 2001

This follows up, sort of, on the recent discussions about packing for

Today I took a package to the post office and they refused to accept it
because it was packed in a box that originally held liquor. The local
liquor store has been my source of  mailing boxes for years - apparently
this is a new rule. I don't know if the small minded bureaucrats who
thought up and approved that rule are against liquor, against recycling
cardboard boxes, afraid we'll corrupt their carriers, or what. If they
really were afraid of me shipping booze they could shake the box and
listen for the gurgling sound.

I offered to black out the liquor identity with a felt marker but the
clerk said that would be inadequate. Then he suggested I wrap the box in
brown paper which I will do.

So be warned - if you want to ship something in an old liquor box, or if
you want to ship liquor, wrap it in brown paper.

Pete Petersen

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