Any boatanchor buyers in Tacoma, Washington?

Fri Apr 27 14:55:06 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I have a TON of radios I'm starting to sell off to get ready for a big
move in a year.  I mean a ton literally, and actually a couple of tons
I would think.

I DO know what they're worth, generally, so PLEASE - no 'I'll give
ya $400 for the lot, you ship' emails :-)  I did this once before a few
years back, and you'd be surprised how many emails I got like that!

Are there any boatanchor collectors around Tacoma Washington who
might be interested in coming over to see what all I have and dicker
a bit?  I have every radio you can imagine. shows
just a few of the rigs I run.  Pictured there are the ones I use - I have
tons that I don't use anymore.

If no one is around here, I'll put 'em up one at a time and Ebay a few.
I just hate to ship radios - I like opening boxes coming to me, but
sending them out just plain SUCKS!

So PLEASE - only reply if you can come over and have a cup of coffee
and spend a few hours looking at the goodies I want to part with.  Bring
a smile, a big wad of cash, and a truck :-)

Take care all,


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