Available at Poughkeepsie Hamfest 4/29

Fri Apr 27 21:43:59 EDT 2001

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I are planning to take the following items to the
Mount Beacon Amateur Radio Club hamfest in Poughkeepsie, NY this
Saturday (April 29th) should anyone have an interest in any of
these. I may not bring 'em all - it depends on how well my back
holds out.  :-)

Heath TX-1 Apache in excellent condition.

B&W 5100B in particularly nice condition.

B&W 370 Receiver sideband adapter.

Heath SB-10 sideband adapter.

Very clean Johnson Ranger.

HP 410C meter in excellent condition. If you don't know already,
these are wonderful!

Drake MN-2000 antenna tuner. These are WONDERFUL tuners - my
favorite. This one is not pristine.

Fluke 1910A frequency counter. Accurate, well made, small.

HP 3466A digital voltmeter.

OS-8 Navy oscilloscope. Cute but not particularly useful.

Hallicrafter SX-28 manual.

Rolling stand for Tek 4nn series scopes. You do need one of
these, don't you?


Please send e-mail to denis.sharon at att.net.

We'll be set up with a small motorhome with CT tags. See you

Denis Sharon  W1AOK
Ridgefield, CT

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