My EKD (RFT) Receiver Line is finished

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Sat Apr 28 14:59:54 EDT 2001

Hello from Vienna !

Today I have finished the connections and alignments for my EKD-315
receiver. This receiver was made by RFT Funkwerke Koepenik in the Former
German Democratic Republic. Know my "Line" is setup with the EKD-315
receiver, the EZ-100 preselector-antenna switcher-RTTY unit and
diversity unit, the KAA-1000 Active antenna and the the power supply for
the KAA-1000. the KNA-1000.

If you are interested, I have put some pictures on my webpage (URL
below). Look after entering the page under "Receivers" and go to

If you have time, look for new QSL's under new QSL's in my postbox. Some
nice new ones (for me, hi)

I wish you all a nice weekend. Tomorrow I have to pick up my "new"
Collins 51J-4 I got last week. Its the table version with all mechanical
filters, new aligned for 500 bucks. Quite cheap as it looks like new and
I can pick it up 3 miles away from my home. Of course it works well, I
was able to test it before purchasing. And I'm looking for a new home
(not for my receivers, for me as I have no space for more..)

Good luck !
73 de Kurt OE 1002419
Please visit my page at: or
(without POPUP windows, but sometimes slow)
QSL Search Engines direct:
The latest QSL cards to arrive at my postbox are:
VK0MM, TX0DX, YC4FIJ (OC-144), BT0S, 6K5SDI, 4W6GH/p (OC-232)
BV9O (AS-155), ZL/SM3TLG (OC-201), 9K2ZZ/NLD, CO8OTA (NA-218)

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