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Leo KJ6HI radioleo at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Apr 30 02:12:27 EDT 2001

Hello & 73,

1. Collins 51S-1 F  S/N 9420
Comes with a 2.4 SSB Filter, and 800 CW filter
"BIG Round Emblem" Receiver. It looks and works great. It
is in a Collins 30L-1 case, and its in nice condition. The case has been
repainted ( with Collins color) , also looks great. New power cable, and copy of the manual
included, the radio was aligned by my Collins technican Wayne Spring W6IRD.

 2. Collins 651S-1 Receiver "Round Emblem"  works and looks fine, it has a
liitle bit of wear. Original Collins manual included
( its 3 inches thick!!!) also checked out by Wayne Spring W6IRD...$1200.00

3. Collins winged emblem 75S-3 Receiver, all original  $500.00

4. Collins winged emblem 32S-3 Transmitter, all original $500.00

5. Collins winged emblem 312B-4 Console , all orginal $300.00

6. Collins winged emblem "RARE & Very Nice 399C-1 External VFO for the KWM-2, or KWM-2A  $1299.00

7. Collins 270G-2 external Speaker  $350.00

8. Collins 270G-2 external Speaker  $350.00

9.. Heathkit SB-221 10-80 meters linear amplfiier "NICE" condtion. Wired for 110 volts
90 watts drive is putting out 950 watts  $495.00

10. Icom IC 701 HF transceiver, and matching Icom PS-701 power supply, also
nice condition.......$275.00

11. Dentron MT-3000A   3KW antenna tuner looks great $195.00

12.  Alpha ETO 76A ( 3 tube's 8874's) amplifier Nice condition $1200.00

PH/FAX (310) 670-6969

Thanks & 73,

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