Boat Anchor equipment, etc., for sale and trade

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Wed Aug 1 16:16:09 EDT 2001

For trade:

Heath HW-32 20 meter SSB transceiver.  Very good condition.  Transceiver
has been modified to use Motorola type low-impedance microphone
(microphone included).  Modification not done by me but do have the
data.  Can be returned to high impedance microphone with a minimum of

Collins 708A-1 Master Oscillator.  This is a "precision" (as the manual
says!) oscillator that covers 2.0 to 4.2 MHz.  It mounted in a 10.5 in
high, standard 19 inch rack.  Has two PTO(s), and over 20 tubes.  The
manual says that it can be reset to within 30 cps (Hz) from the dial.
Very good condition.

Dentron 160-AT 160 meter antenna tuner (covers 160 meters only!).  Very
good condition.

Hewlett-Packard HP-200CD wide range oscillators (tube type), 1 fair
condition, 1 good condition.

Hewlett-Packard HP-204C wide range oscillators (solid-state) 2 very good

Hewlett-Packard HP-1206A oscilloscope, very good condition.

Telequipment S-54A oscilloscope, very good condition.

Decibel Products DB-702, 2 meter mobile 3 dB gain antenna, brand new,
still in shipping tube.

Decibel Products DB-705, 440 MHz mobile 5 dB gain antenna, brand new,
still in shipping tube.

Antenna Specialists ASP-358, 2 meter 3 dB gain "coaxial" type antenna,
brand new, still in box.  This can be used either as an omni-directional
base station (or repeater) antenna, or bumper mounted on a vehicle
(especially good for fiber glass bodies).

Uniden SMU-300DT FM mobiles, 440 - 470 MHz FM 30 watt output mobiles.
36 channels plus "talk around" if set up for repeaters (72 maximum
transmit channels and 36 receive channels).  Programmable with either
computer interface or special programmer.  Capable of standard squelch,
CTCSS ("PL", "Channel Guard", "Quiet Channel", etc.), and DPL.  Can have
different CTCSS tone, DPL, etc., on transmit and receive (same
channel).  Have several, very good to excellent condition.  I use these
on 440 MHz FM myself.

The following are for sale or trade:

Larsen NMO-150C 3 dB gain 2 meter loading coils, new in box.  $15 each
post paid CONUS.

Larsen NMO-K mobile mounts, new, in shipping bag.  $13 each post paid

Larsen accessory spring for NMO-150C, $3.50 post paid, CONUS.

Larsen NMO-450 5 dB gain 450-470 MHz antennas (work fine on 440 MHz, use
them myself - work even better with spring added), $37.50 post paid,

I do not have any of the 49 inch long whips that are used with the
NMO-150C coils.  However, these are readily available from various
sources including Radio Shack.

Also have new dipole antennas for 160 through 10 meters.  E-Mail for

Replacement crystal doors for Heath DX-35 / DX-40, $11.50 each post paid

Am looking for (I DO NOT have this equipment, but want it!):

Collins 75A1, 30L-1, 62S-1, 32V series

Heath Cheyenne, SB-200, AT-1, HX-30, Marauder, HW-12A

Conar 500 receiver

Hallicrafters SX-96

Johnson Ranger

Knight "Ocean Hopper", "Space Spanner"

Lafayette HE-10

National SW-3, NC-1-10A

RME virtually anything except VHF-152A and DB-23

Geloso consider anything


Techcraft consider anything

Also consider pre-World War II amateur gear

Glen, K9STH

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