Need RME 4300/4350 Dial part

john hurst hurstjsj at GTE.NET
Wed Aug 1 20:55:46 EDT 2001

Hello Peter, your buddy has the classic RME 4300/4350 tuning problem. These
"75:1" reduction mechanisms had a lifetime of about a week. A good friend of mine
bought a 4300 new and he never could get it to work correctly even with several
factory replacements. Nearly every one of these I've seen has had a non-factory
reduction device installed.
73, John, KU6X


> A buddy of mine is rebuilding an RME 4350 and has a defective Dial
> Assembly, that is the multi-turn assembly. If anyone has this part or is
> selling his RME as a parts radio please let me know.  Also if the Main
> Tuning Cap is around he could use a new one.
> -73- Peter K2LRC
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