FS: BR RSS-5 Spectrum Monitor; GATES HFL-1000, etc

Joseph Lutz kwz99 at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Aug 4 02:41:33 EDT 2001

Following equipment available:


[1]  BR Communications RSS-5 Spectrum Monitor.  This unit was
designed for operation as an integral part for use in the frequency
management of HF radio nets.  However, the RSS-5 is a complete
unit, requiring only the connection of a broadband antenna for
independent operation as an HF spectrum monitoring receiver.
It is a microprocessor-controlled radio receiver that functions as a
scanning spectrum monitor for the statistical analysis of signals in
the HF range.  This unit is in pristine condition in appearance, and
was only tested periodically to ensure it's operational status.
Also included is:
- RCS-5 2540 Version 03A Firmware Update c/o [6] chips.
- Diplexer panel that was used in conjunction with the RSS-5.  It is
  a 19" Rack panel with the Diplexer mounted on the back of it
  PN 5040-1010, BR PN 4011-1005 Rev G.  The BR seals on it
  are unbroken.  Also mounted on the back of this panel is a
  MiniLoad RF Terminator, Mod 8072-1 300W 50 Ohms Bird Electric.
The RSS-5 is for being rack mounted and has the side rails on it.
Full manual is included.
Price:            $600.00  local pick up only, unless something else
can be worked out.  [Located in WPA]
[Might possibly trade for a mid-range or better laptop pc -all offers


HARRIS/GATES HFL-1000 Linear Amplifier.  This is a manually tuned
PA capable of 1 KW PEP over a 2.0 to 32.0 MHz frequency range. It
was designed primarily for SSB, but any type of emission can be used
that does not exceed the power output and/or BW limitations of the
equipment.  The PA weight is 87 lbs, and the PS is 173 lbs.  I have
[2] PA's and [2] PS's - one PA was operational when purchased, and
has the 4CX1000A, the other does not have the final tube.  It was my
intention to have the 2nd one for spare parts.  Excitation required
100 mw. [I will include a MD-777/FRT exciter 0-100mw that I got
to use with this setup].  Manuals on both the HFL-1000 and MD-777,
along with interconnecting cables PS to PA.  I have never had the
equipment powered up, as I obtained them prior to moving to PA.
Price:  1500.00 for the [2] HFL-1000's & [1] MD-777/FRT exciter,
           along with the Manuals, etc.  This would have to be local,
           as to ship something like this would almost have to be
           freight - crated.  As such, any shipping costs would be

More to come - have to make room in what I thought was going to
be a big hamshack - I am still moving stacked equipment to get

Pictures of the above can be furnished to interested parties.




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