restoring the caps...

Avery Comarow acomarow at USNEWS.COM
Wed Aug 8 08:53:39 EDT 2001

Hey, Jim--

How come PC power supplies have HV caps? I thought everything coming out
was 12 or 5 volts. Not that I've torn one apart--but I sure will start
doing that if they're good sources of HV electrolytics!

73, Avery W3AVE in Potomac, Md.

At 10:54 PM 8/7/01 -0600, you wrote:

>PC power supplies are an _excellent_ source for cheap high-voltage and
>high-capacitance electrolytics.  You should disassemble at least one of
>these every day.  And the more you remove and disassemble from PCs that are
>in service -- the better off the world will be.
>Jim N6OTQ

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