restoring the caps...

Chris Gill micro at IIG.COM.AU
Wed Aug 8 10:06:21 EDT 2001

Hi to Avery, Russ and All,
The PC power supplies are switch-mode type and as such rectify the incoming
mains through a bridge rectifier and may have 1 or 2 (used in series) HV
caps, usually in the region of 150-400mfd at 350-450 volts for the filter
cap, The high value of capacitance may not be suitable for some tube
rectifiers though. Computer monitors also use a S.M.P.S. and as such are
also a good source of high voltage caps, also you will find in a lot of them
an inrush current surge suppressor which is useful for inserting in the
"live" side of your AC supply in tube radios and test gear.
On the post by Russ, my main interest is not only the collecting of old
radios, but I also like to have a working unit too, so like Russ, I "gut
out" the large can electrolytic and also the "bathtub" type paper caps found
in some equipment and replace the internals. That way I can keep the
"original" appearance but have a good working unit, ... Now if only I could
find a way to reproduce those
40's to 60's carbon resistors!!!
Cairns, Australia.

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