Pre-hamfest BA sale

Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Thu Aug 9 13:09:40 EDT 2001


      Our club's annual Central Kentucky Hamfest (Lexington) is coming up
this weekend on Sunday, 12 August, 0800-1600 Eastern time.  Location:
National Guard Armory near the Lexington, airport, talk-in 146.76-
     You can go to the Huntington, W.Va., hamfest the day before, then make
a swing on over to Lexington - catch two good hamfests in one weekend!

     I am greatly reducing my inventory and shall be carrying a bunch to the
hamfest.  If anyone is interested and wants to set up purchase in advance,
let me know and I'll set it aside for you to be picked up at the hamfest.
Great stuff to get yourself ready for the next "CX" - Classic Radio Exchange
contest, coming up the last Sunday in September.

     This stuff is working ("worked the last time I had it plugged in...")
    Equipment:                  Asking:
   Collins 75S-3, two filters     $500
   Collins 75A-3, nice condition,
     two filters (just added the
     800 cycle filter) - - - - -  $500
   HQ-170AC (about 7 on 10 scale,
     clock works)      - - - - -  $325
   HRO-50T  (about 8 on 10 scale,
     A through F coils, xtal
     calibrator)       - - - - -  $295
   NCX-3 transceiver + NCX-A
     PS/speaker combo (used it on
     Field Day); couple extra final
     tubes             - - - - -  $195

     Working condition unknown on following: have not had the time to get
into them, have not put power to them.
   NC-303 (with xtal calibrator)  $225
   Viking Valiant      - - - - -  $375

   73,  Al  N5AIT
  Allan.Stephens at

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