Chris Gill micro at IIG.COM.AU
Fri Aug 10 01:42:10 EDT 2001

Hi All,
While we are on the subject of capacitors out of PC supplies, I just raided
my junk box for a cap to repair a friends monitor, I found the necessary
330mfd @ 400 volt I knew I had thrown in there about 6 months + when I
junked some old monitors. What is interesting is, prior to installing it I
thought I would check its ESR and Capacitance, having been "caught" some
years back trying to measure a "live" cap just removed from circuit and
destroying my Cap Meter, so I measured the thing first, what a surprise!
still had 11.2 volts across it.
We know that the "modern" caps use better materials than years back and that
they can hold a charge for some days, but 6+ months!!. Thing that really
hurts is that it is a brand from a maker that I dislike because of their
practice of making picture tubes that last just long enough to see out the
Chris Gill.
Cairns, Australia.

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