Manual/Schematic wanted for Hunter 20A Exciter (Collins Clone)

Don Buska d.buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Mon Aug 13 09:13:16 EDT 2001

Hi Guys,

This weekend I picked up a Hunter 20A Exciter.  The Hunter 20A was made in Iowa City
in the late 40's by ex-Collins engineer Theordore Hunter.W0NTI.  W0NTI was one of the
designers involved with the development of the Collins PTO.  The 20A is modeled and
looks a great deal like the Collins 310 series exciters.  There is a picture of one in
Moore's transmitter book.

So does anyone have a manual and/or schematic for a 20A?  I will pay for copies and
mailing.  I already checked the BAMA site and there is no listing for Hunter.

Any help would be appreciate.  BTH, the 20A is in pretty good condition, but dirty.
However, it should clean up and refurbish nicely.

Thanks es 73

Don N9OO

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