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For Sale:

Radio Engineers Handbook by Terman
First edition, 1943 - A real classic
Complete with charts on the inside back cover.
I can find no extraneous marks in it, nor any
names written in it.  There is some slight wear
on the binding, but overall it is in great shape.
$ 50

Radio Handbook by Editors and Engineers
Tenth Edition - 1946
Even the pictures are interesting!  Lots of
reference material.  This one is in good shape.
The binding is slightly dirty, but nothing major.
Apparently some of the pages in the back were
printed on a different type of paper, and show
some yellowing.  No marks or name that I can find.
$ 25

The Radio Manual By Sterling
Third Edition - copyright 1928 thru 1940
The dust jacket says "The Most Up-to-date and
Complete Handbook on Radio".  I doubt we can
say that today, but it is comprehensive with about
1100 pages.  The dust cover is ripped, but the
actual cover seems to be fine.  Gold lettering is very
nice.  Again, no writing in it that I can find.  $ 25

Electrical Engineering by Dawes
Volume 1 - Direct Currents
Third Edition - 1937
I would call this a basic text.  750 pages. It includes
a separate insert that has the answers to the problems.
Book is in nice shape, but does have a name on the
inside cover with a 1938 date.    $ 15

Principles of Direct Current Machines by Langsdorf
Fourth Edition - 1931
Covers basic machines.  About 600 pages.  This one
is in good shape, but not as nice as the ones above.
Some writing in text, and name in cover with 1936 date.
Also has a couple 3 x 5 cards in it with info on them.  $ 12

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution by Woodruff
Second Edition - 1938
Includes some wire charts. 257 pages.
Book is in good shape, as is the binding, but there is a fair
amount of writing inside.  $ 12

A Brief Course in Physics by Hoadley
No edition listed, so it must be first - 1906
463 pages. Nice shape, but pages are yellowed.
Name inside front cover.  $ 18

Unit Outlines in Physics by Colen and Newman
Paperback (I didn't know they made paperbacks then!)
Revised edition, 1940
Some wear, and writing.  $ 12

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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