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Tim Richardson ter at BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed Aug 29 22:32:58 EDT 2001

At 09:36 PM 8/29/01 -0400, Stephens, Al wrote:
>      Got a newer computer that does a bit more, no problem downloading stuff
>from BAMA - BUT - how in the ever-lovin' blue-eyed world do I get the thing
>down to a printing size?  What program do I need so that I can just call the
>sucker up and reduce it to an 8-1/2 x 11 page or the like, so I can print it
>out?  Really do not want to print it window by window to get a single
>page...  What am I missing/needing?


For jpg gif and bmp files, I use a graphics viewer called ACDSee
<> Under printer setup it allows
you to choose the size as 'fit to page'

If the file is in pdf format, I use Adobe Acrobat which allows you to check
'fit to page' in the print dialog box.

For a DjVu file, right click on the graphic, and select print, and then
select 'Reduce to Print' in the print dialog box.

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