[MilSurplus] BC 640 trnasmitter questions some bc-639 and need some help HELP!!

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Sun Dec 2 20:00:32 EST 2001

yes! I have seen that write up also!

the fact I had one of these when I was young and knew how to work on it
made this airman( at the time)  get some respect when I showed up on base
right out of tech school!

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> Have seen multiple 639/and a 640 combos in brown at FAA facilities ~~way~~
> back when.
> Also please remember that the US Navy operated (and still does) a lot of
> shore based airfields.
> Equipment designed for a shore environment would be more practical (
> heresy ) but would, of course, be painted Navy grey.
> I'd also assume ( yup-- BAD word)  that blue could have been a color of
> choice for FAA owned sets.  I've seen a lot of their other (non-military)
> stuff in blue.
> BTW,  I do remember from an old surplus conversion manual the the BC-640
> claimed to be the only set known to "knock out every TV receiver in a two
> block radius even when unplugged" (big  grin).  Seems to me that SOMEONE
> must have had the rather common problem with neutralization of the
> finals-------(grin again).
> Dave Jeffries
> retired USAF 304x4 (Ground Radio Maintenance) type -- among other  30xxx
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> >  Ok now for the questions........Got a BC- 640 that is BROWN rather than
> > green.... this was painted over on the panels, however  when inspecting
> the
> > rack the rack appears to be brown over primer coat.
> >
> > Why is it brown? Is there significance to this?  It was really kind of
> > interesting, the fellow I got it from had some spare modules ( nice
> > one) on the table and a picture of the transmitter hanging up.... I
> thought
> > the transmitter looked odd but assumed it was the color balance on the
> shot
> > or the printing.. but... it really was that color! (surprise!)
> -----------snip--------------------
> > next color enigma:
> >
> > A GREY  BC-639 Receiver!  it says on the tags... one  us signal corps
> > other...... REFURBISHED BY US NAVY!
> ------------snip---------->>
> > There is also one of the spare rack units for the BC 640 that is.......
> > BLUE!  and appears to have been all it's life!
> ----------------snip--------------->>

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