[AWA] Marconi Centennial Celebration

David Wilson david at COMPUTAN.ON.CA
Thu Dec 6 23:20:06 EST 2001

Dear Peter,
   My station is not unidentified it is VE3BBN  hi hi .
The tx is located in Niagara on the Lake , a town but 0ne mile from Niagara
This is a spark tx and will send the message "MARCONI     S" every minute on
the minute for one hour starting at 21:00 Eastern time on the 12th of Dec.
   I hope you all hear it.

cheers David

wy7z at juno.com wrote:

> 100 years ago Marconi transmitted the letter "S" from Poldhu, Cornwall,
> England to St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada - the first trans-Atlantic
> radio transmission. For those who are disappointed by the blizzard of
> emails containing a lack of information, vague information, and/or
> conflicting information celebrating this event I offer the following
> summary which may or may not be correct.
> Poldhu Amateur Radio Club will transmit December 12 from 0900hrs (UTC?)
> to 1600hrs using the call sign GB100GM. It will cease transmission the
> last five minutes of each hour  for an RN (Royal Navy? Richard Nixon?)
> spark transmission experiment on an unspecified frequency. At 1600hrs
> PARC will try to "link up with Canada," presumably a two-way contact with
> a Canadian ham station. PARC will continue on the air until 1730 at which
> time the RN experiment will resume.The following excerpt from an email
> provides additional needed information.
> "The Poldhu Amateur will be operating form the new Marconi Centre which
> is on
> the wireless field at Poldhu, on 12th december, we will be using three HF
> radio rooms and another one for VHF and 6Metres, the frequencies bands
> will
> be 20m, 40m and 80m and we will be using modern transceivers etc. at
> 1600hrs
> we will send the S to signal hill in St Johns."
> An unidentified Canadian station  (VE3BBN's email address is provided for
> QSL cards) will transmit a 15 watt spark signal on 3.550 mHz from 0200
> UTC to 0300 UTC, transmitting "Marconi S" the first 15 seconds of each
> minute. This may not be the station in St. Johns referred to above
> because the requested QSL data includes distance from Niagara Falls,
> Ontario.
> References to transmissions in the 160M ham band are apparently in error.
> Maybe they will be better organized and put out more complete and concise
> information for the 2101 celebration.
> Pete Petersen
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