"Rubber" Crystal holder adapters

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Dec 18 19:49:31 EST 2001

I have "perfected" an assembly that can be added to
your FT-243 crystal to allow the frequency to be
"warped".  How far the crystal will go depends on the
actual crystal.  Some will move only 300 or 400 Hz,
others will move 2 or more KHz at the fundamental.

Previously a number of persons have indicated that
they would be interested in some of these.

The first batch is not that "pretty"!  I am just
getting the technique of cutting the plastic "down"
(not all of them are exactly "square").  However, they
do work.  I tried one on a 7156 KHz 40 meter crystal
into my Johnson Adventurer.  It would move almost
exactly 1 KHz before becoming unstable.  This would
multiply to 4 KHz on 10 meters.  On 8 MHz crystals
used on 6 and 2 meters, this would mean at least 6 KHz
and 18 KHz while still retaining crystal stability.

The "technology" involved is that the oscillation
frequency is dependent not only on the "cut" of the
crystal, but the amount of pressure applied to it as

Thus, for the first 20 that I have completed (and
probably more), I'll "eat" the postage and handling
(CONUS) and cut $1 from the price ($3 minimum
savings!).  The price is $16.95 each postpaid CONUS.
Canada will have to add $2 for the additional postage
required.  Texas residents add $1.40 for each one for
state sales tax (sorry, I have to collect sales tax in

I have decided to call them "The Tweaky" since you can
"tweak" your frequency.

As I said before, how much each crystal will "warp" is
completely dependent on the crystal.  No guarantee as
to how far your particular crystal will move.

When I get the manufacturing technique down a little
better, the price will increase to $17.95 plus $2.00
shipping and handling per order (not per assembly)
CONUS and $4.00 shipping and handling Canada.

Let me know if you are ordering and how many.


Glen, K9STH

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