Items wanted in trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 27 20:36:57 EST 2001

For trade only!

I have the following items to offer in trade for
others.  Please don't ask for a price on these, they
are for TRADE only!  Also, please don't offer to sell
me your equipment!

Dentron 160-AT antenna matching unit.  Very good to
excellent condition.

Collins 708A-1 Master Oscillator / VFO.  Very good

Hammarlund HQ-129X.  New front panel, good condition
inside, recently aligned.

Johnson Pacemaker.  Good physical condition, needs
electrical work.

Harvey-Wells TBS-50 (plain "50", not A, B, C, D).
Good minus condition.  Has not been even looked at

National NC-62 VFO for 6 and 2 meters.  Very good

Gonset G-76 AM / CW transceiver.  Covers 80 through 6
meters with VFO on 80 - 10, crystal control on all
bands.  100+ watts input, plate modulated AM.  Full
band coverage on receiver and VFO.  With "genuine"
Gonset 12 volt power supply and modified National AC
supply.  Good to very good condition.

National RCQ receiver.  This is a modification on the
National NC-100 receiver manufactured in 1947 for the
CAA (Civil Aviation Authority, forerunner of the FAA).
 Good to very good physical condition, rack mount.
Less speaker.  Haven't really checked this out
electrically except to make sure that the power
transformer, etc. are OK.

National NC-100 receiver.  Good to very good physical
condition, haven't put any power on it.

Telequipment S-55 triggered oscilloscope.  Very good

Hewlett-Packard HP-1206A oscilloscope.  Very good

Hewlett-Packard HP-200CD oscillators:  Tube type, 1
good condition, 1 fair condition (both work fine).

Hewlett-Packard HP-204C oscillators:  Solid-state, 2
good to very good condition (both work fine).

Photos available on any of the above.

Andrew Heliax

7/8 inch quantity 1 100 feet, quantity 1 50 feet.  One
of these is missing a connector (don't remember
which!).  However, I do have a brand new connector
that can be installed.

1/2 inch quantity 2 175-200 feet lengths.

Heliax is PICKUP only in Richardson, Texas.  Prefer
pickup on the National Receivers since these could
definitely hold at least a light cruiser (more than a
boat anchor!).

Please don't E-Mail and ask me how much for these!

Heath SB-200 linear, XC-2 two-meter converter (already
have several XC-6), AR-1, AR-2, AT-1, MT-1 (Cheyenne),
HX-30, HA-20, HW-12A, HP-23 series power supplies

Mosley CM-1 receiver

Collins 75A or 75A1 receiver, 32V3 transmitter, 30L1
linear, cabinet for 51J2

WRL / Globe 755 VFO (might consider 755A); original
Globe Scout, Scout 40 or 40A, or 65; Globetrotter or
"40" Trotter; DSB-100

Hallicrafters SX-96, SX-99, S-108, SX-110

Hunter Cyclemaster 20A transmitter

Johnson Ranger (not Ranger II)

Knight "Ocean Hopper", "Space Spanner"

Lafayette HE-10 (or "kit" model KT-200), KT-135

National SW-3, NC1-10A

RME 45, 84, 2-11, 50, 79, 6900

High power linear amplifiers for 160, 6, and 2 meters.
 Single band OK.  Have 80 to 100 watts drive available
and already have several linear amplifiers for 80 -10

Transverters for 222 MHz and 432 MHz (28 or 50 MHz
i.f.).  Prefer something that can take more than 1
watt input power!

I am "open" to other items of "boat anchor" equipment
for trade.  HOWEVER, no Swan, Galaxy, Yaesu, Tempo, or
any gear that is solid-state in any manner (except for
diodes in the power supply!).  Definitely do not want
Japanese equipment except for those indicated (i.e.
Lafayette) .

Glen, K9STH

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