FWD: Instructograph value

Rick Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Thu Feb 1 08:14:01 EST 2001

I'm forwarding this inquiry to the boatanchor list.

Please reply directly to Joe, ad4ih at juno.com, not me.  I hope someone on
the list can help Joe out.

Thanks and 73,

Rick kf4ar


A widow of a recently deceased ham has asked that I help dispose of some
of his ham-related estate.  In the estate are two Instructograph series
500 machines, one of which is a near 10 out of  a scale of 10, the other
does not work and lacks in cosmetics (that well-used look).  There is but
one user's  manual and there is some literature.  Also 2 sets of 10
tapes.  I am looking for help from someone knowlegable of this eqipment
to help set a fair and reasonable asking price.  The  literature
indicates a 1977 price of $98.50  including the tapes.

Any help appreciated.

Joe Pirkle, AD4IH,
QRP-L #2236
ad4ih at arrl.net / ad4ih at juno.com

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