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Dave Hollander davidh at GETNET.COM
Sat Feb 3 16:39:32 EST 2001

Just fired up an HRO5TAI that has been sitting for a while in my garage
and short of recapping the whole thing, here is the problem. I have
checked all tubes and it has good audio. Now here is the problem:

Plays fine on the Broadcast band with what appears to be a pre-war HRO
SR. or military coil that goes from 0.5 to 1.0 MHZ

When I plug in the correct coils that are supposed to go with the radio,
Only have audio and I can weakly hear my signal generator. I say correct
coils because I have two working HRO5T's and their is nothing wrong with
any of the coils.

On the B coil, I can hear one 20 meter signals from one frequency, over
a considerable portion of the dial.

Before I start tearing into this, any suggestions on what to look for.

Coincidentally, I have the same problem with an NC-80X. Worked fine,
finished recapping it , worked fine and than it quit - having the same
problem as I described with the HRO - one BCB signal covering the whole
band on each band.

Any suggestions?


Dave N7RK


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