Hey! It's today (Sunday)!!!

Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Sun Feb 4 06:01:01 EST 2001

...so get off line and get on the air with those old critters you have been
gathering for so long.  Show us all what they are capable of doing.  "CX" is
this afternoon, 1500 to midnight east coast, noon to 2100 west coast...
2000Z to o500Z tomorrow, depending on where you live.
     Your chance to be a part of the...   Hmmmmm....   (ran out of toes and
fingers to count upon)...   Oh!  The 53rd "CX," going back to January of
1975 (and for the first few called "NX," Nostalgia Exchange).
     I'll be there, a good cast of "regulars" should be there, and maybe -
if you're lucky - you'll work one of the two Cosmophones which have
threatened to be there!  At least aim for my Burnt Orange Globe Scout (or
Jim W8KGI's lime green one) 680.  A collector's special!

    73 & CU in CX,  Al  N5AIT

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