WANTED: 861 Transmitting Tube(s)...

Eddy Swynar gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Tue Feb 6 20:41:46 EST 2001

Greetings all...

I'm currently in the process of collecting up some "...oldde-tyme" type 860 transmitting tubes for (possible) use as the active devices in a class-B linear amplifier here,  to help soup-up the signal from my Heising-modulated pair of parallel 245 tubes (this is all in keeping with my 1929-style retro set-up).

I'm wondering if anyone reading this has ever attempted any similar such undertaking, i.e. pressing 1928-style/vintage power tubes into service applicable to 2001?

Additionally, I'm curious if anyone has any type 861 transmitting tube(s) locked away, collecting dust, awaiting  donation/sale to a deserving home...? (the 861 was what QST described as being a "..real he-man tube" in the course of its introduction in 1929---it stood some 15+" tall, had a really unusually shaped glass envelope, & employed a unique "exit wire" system for the grid & plate connections).

If you have one available, I'd sure like to hear from you...!

Tnx & vy

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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