Hollow-state snake oil?

Bob Johnson rjohnson at ICI.NET
Fri Feb 9 21:58:51 EST 2001

Hey Jim:
I been sukin on a water glass full of that there Carlo Rosi Califonia Red
burgrenty stuph, do you think this "Holow State Laquer" is any better ???
I oiled the snake last week, so he get none!!!!
73 Bob
WA1OFR - FN42ma

At 12:03 PM 02/09/01 , you wrote:
>The following was originally posted on the qrp-l listserv:
>My friend John, W4DRJ, passed this along to me knowing that I stand in awe
>of the cutting edge technology that thrives in the high end audiooofile
>Here's a product that will give us that little extra ooomph for all of our
>itty bitty qrp rigs.  It's guaranteed to give solid state rigs that tube
>warmth, definition and emotion we all aspire to.  Fool folks into thinking
>you're running a real rig like a KWM-2 or a BC-610 instead of some puny
>little qrp rig.
>People will buy this stuff and that's downright scary.  You'll notice that
>the word "asylum" appears in the address, that pretty much says it all.  I
>don't blame Mike B. for not signing his last name.
>Now, who's going to step up to the plate and review the JISCO Jitter
>Scrambling Decorrelator?  Maybe someone should send one and a bottle of the
>laquer to the ARRL Lab for a product review.  I hope it's not too late for
>the April QST.
>Somewhere, P.T. Barnum is having a good laugh.
>Rick kf4ar

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