FS Dowkey, CMD sets, HT32 parts, misc

Holden holden at NAC.NET
Sat Feb 10 07:37:55 EST 2001

DowKey antenna relay (coaxial w/UHF connectors) model 60-260442 New in
original box, with 1/4" standoff spacers, original instruction sheet.
This unit has never had fittings screwed on it or wires soldered to coil
or aux contacts. Clear aluminum block, both access covers in place. Coil
continuity OK, connectors are tarnished but clean. $75 OBO

Command set BC453B receiver, 190-550Kc, has all tubes, knobs on IFs,
case, cover and fasteners good. No dyno, has BNC on front, and
non-original tuning knob (the dial is orig). Has mating connector for
receptacle on rear. Untested. $25 OBO

Command set BC458 transmitter, RCAF model 5.3-7.0 MHz. Has all tubes inc
magic eye, and 6200Kc crystal. Has UHF connector on front. Octal socket
on back for power. Roller inductor and variometer in good shape, case
good shape, no major dents or dings, all screws and fasteners OK.
Untested. $40 OBO

5894 transmitting tube, fil lights up OK, no sign of vac leak, untested,
$15 OBO

829 transmitting tube, fil lights up OK, no sign of vac leak, untested,
$10 OBO

Johnson 122-247-1 ceramic socket with flange ring, fits either of the
above tubes $5.

Hallicrafters HT32 parts still available: VFO assembly (working, no
pointer)$15,  dial plate $10, final cage cover $5, final tuning cap $10,
driver tuning cap $5, final RF choke $5, chassis side brackets $5 ea, LV
choke $5.  Sorry, power xfmr and HV choke are NG, no knobs. Other small
parts avail but chassis is less SSB generator, front bezel, and glass.
Main front panel intact but well used.

All plus USPS shipping from 07465

Howie WB2AWQ

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