Several rigs for sale

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Feb 10 15:37:48 EST 2001

For sale:

Details and pictures available via web site below...

Hallicrafters S-38D receiver in good condition.
This is the preferred, gray version of the S-38D
(not blond color). Has all the original knobs and a
very nice back panel. It works, and has a nice-looking
original power cord.
Pictures available. Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping

Hallicrafters SX-43 receiver in good condition. Works well,
and has no dents or dings. Includes the rare matching speaker
model R-44 which also works.
The SX-43 needs cleaning up a little on the outside but the
inside looks good.
Both could use some paint but are in typical condition for a
setup from this period. Pictures available.
Will sell both together for $275.00 plus shipping

Hallicrafters HT-41 linear amplifier in good condition.
Solid state rectifiers have been installed. It's all there.
Last owner said it was putting out about 300 Watts, but
selling as-is. This may need a little work. Looks good.
Pictures available. Will sell for $325.00 plus shipping.

Heath HS-24 loudspeaker, intended for use with mobile
rigs but will look great with any Heath set-up.
Heath green. Excellent condition.
Will sell for $35.00 plus shipping

Drake DC-3 mobile power supply for 12V DC operation.
Matches the Drake TR-3 and the TR-4 series transceivers
and will work with either one.
Will sell for $55.00 plus shipping

Swan Cygnet 270B HF transceiver with original manual.
Overall very clean and looks good. Has built-in 120V AC power supply.
A few minor paint chips. Looks complete and in very good condition,
but no way to test it as there is no AC power cable
Easy to make up one using a 12-pin Jones plug and the manual has
the pin-outs. Or I can make you one for $15.00
Pictures available. Will sell for $115.00 plus shipping

Also Swan SW-240 HF SSB transceiver for 20, 40 and 75m bands.
Looks very good - two small chips off s-meter case but otherwise
looks excellent. Sold as-is and untested but is complete.
I also have the rather rare matching Swan model TCU Remote VFO, speaker, VOX
and 100 kc. calibrator unit. Comes in the same case as the SW-240
and makes a really cool pair. No power supply unfortunately.

Will sell the SW-240 for $120.00 and the TCU remote VFO for $100.00

Shipping is additional.

E-mail me for pictures if interested.

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