Sorry! Re: Re: Here you have, ;o)

Mike Silva mjsilva at JPS.NET
Mon Feb 12 16:19:24 EST 2001


I sure am sorry for having been an unwitting virus spreader!  As I mentioned
on the Glowbugs reflector, I never get caught by these things, but this one
was from our company IS guy so I thought I'd better open it!  That would be
the same IS guy who doesn't have our company machines very well protected!
If I told you he was the son of the company president would you understand?

Anyway, sorry for all the trouble.  I hearby sentence the virus writer and
all Microsoft executives to 90 days in the pokey!

Mike, KK6GM

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> I'm sure glad I'm a Mac user.  The attachment has VIRUS written all over
> with that .vbs extension.
> 73,
> Rick kf4ar

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