Problems with Internet Explorer on BAMA

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Tue Feb 20 16:18:28 EST 2001

Annoyed BAMA users only...everyone else click the delete key.  Sorry for
the bandwidth.

Microsoft Internet Explorer users have been having a particularly hard
time trying to use their browser to surf through the BAMA site recently.
Those of you who have been trying to tell me were right.  I'm convinced.
There IS a problem. I just don't know whether it is with Internet
Explorer or ProFTPD. Since Netscape seems to work just fine, Mr. Gates'
company looks like it might have done something goofy with their recent
releases of IE. On the other hand, ProFTPD (the ftp host that BAMA's
manuals reside on) is still basically in beta form.

What's happening?  It appears that when IE is used on the BAMA ftp site,
it leaves all of the pages "open." I believe that each of these open
pages may represent a "connection." Since only five simultaneous
connections are allowed, one person could quickly use up all available
resources. My theory may be faulty, but at least I've got some options
for you now:

1) Use WS_FTP or another ftp client is my first suggestion.

2) Use Netscape Navigator is my second suggestion.

3) If you insist on using Internet Explorer, watch the task bar at the
bottom of the screen and each time you try unsuccessfully to open a page
in the BAMA files, close the preceding page. Just click it off from the
task bar at the bottom of the page and close it. Then click on the
"Refresh" button for the page giving you an error message. This should
get you to where you want to go. However, it is a very klutzy technique
and I would urge you to opt for suggestion 1 or 2 above.

If and when Microsoft or ProFTPD discover that they have goofed and fix
the problem, I will immediately post a notice here and in the BAMA
"News" page and publicly apologize to the innocent party for ever having
doubted their programming abilities.


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