FS or Trade: Viking Ranger II

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Feb 20 23:46:21 EST 2001


I bought this really nice Ranger II, hoping to have time to return it to
original.  Foolishly, I thought retirement would give me more time for
such projects.  Wrong!  Now, after 26 years with Lockheed Martin, I'm
teaching English, Spanish, Mathematics...you name it...in the local
public schools.
Seems the retirement money just never stretched far enough!

But enough of that.

When I bought the Ranger II, it had a modification installed that
enabled it to operate SSB with the Heathkit SB-10 sideband
adapter.  I was going to return the old "gal" to original
condition and got as far as removing the added components
under the chassis (including a rotary switch), a couple of
tubes on a subchassis mounted above the chassis, and two
phono jacks installed on the rear apron of the chassis. There
were only a handful of parts in the mod and they were
easily removed.

All that remains is to reinstall a couple of bypass caps and a filter
cap that were removed and reconnect a few wires to their original
positions.  The three holes on the back apron (two for the phono
jacks and one for the rotary switch control shaft) are small and
can be easily repaired with Bondo etc. or simply use small hole
plugs.  There is also one small access hole drilled in the front
left corner on the top of the cabinet.  This was to provide access
to adjust the added circuit which made up the main part of the mod.
(A HOLE in the top of the cabinet sounds GROSS but is actually
very unobtrusive.  It would be your call whether to fill it or not.
It's not THAT much larger than the ventilation holes in the top
of the cabinet.)

I'm offereing the Ranger II to someone who wants a VERY nice
rig, both cosmetically and electrically.  Someone who knows what
he/she is doing can complete the electrical restoration in 2-3 hours
max.  Filling the hole in the cabinet and the three on the rear apron of
the chassis will take another 2-3 hours.  A light overspray on the
cabinet or extremely minor touchup would put it in beautiful shape.
No dings, dents, or bent metal!!

The front panel is easily an 8.5 -- maybe a 9, but I like to
err on the conservative side. In any case, it's a very nice,
attractive rig that just needs your caring touch.  The Ranger
II is getting more rare all the time and with just a little work
you'll have something you can be proud of for a long time to come.

Original manual supplied as well as the 1964 copy of CQ magazine with
the article that completely describes the mod.  Again, I have removed
the mod but haven't re-established the wiring to original.

The chassis is truly CLEAN! NO rust or corrosion at all.

Will trade EVEN for a Viking Navigator in good cosmetic and electrical
condition, preferably no mods.  Desire "plug-n-play" as I obviously
have no time for troubleshooting, repair, and restoration.

Would consider best offer over $250 if you have no Viking Navigator
to trade but preference will be given to the desired trade.

Serious inquiries only.  Will send photo as email attachment if you are

If this sounds like a nostalgia attack, you're right.  Had a Navigator
as a 17-year old General in 1958 and want to put one back on the air as
part of a Vintage Radio Station.

The Ranger II does need the work outlined above and then you will have a
rig you will be proud to own and operate from now on.  Not a big deal
but the necessary "repairs" will require at least a minimum amount of
technical ability and 2 or 3 fun nights with your soldering gun and the
original Ranger II manual and article in CQ Magazine (both supplied).

Thanks for bearing with me on this opus magnus email!

Ron Evans - K5MVR

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