FS: R648/ARR41

Debby and Dave Anderson danderso at EROLS.COM
Mon Feb 26 00:20:31 EST 2001

For Sale - R648/ARR-41 receiver, Collins manufactured, S/N 145 (1957
Includes 'new' shockmount and readable manual copy.
This unit has had the dynamoter removed and a 115VAC power supply
built into it's place. No other apparent modifications.
The front panel in in good condition, but has been (fairly well)
retouched to cover an EMC property number punched or engraved into
it on the upper left next to the frequency display.
The case is in good condition, with some paint nicks on the edges
and a 1/2" hole neatly drilled in the back (bottom center) for the
power cord. The five sides are flat and have no serious marks or
The receiver operates quite well, and is very sensitive and stable.

$450.00 plus shipping from 22030.

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