What is it??

Fred Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 28 21:01:05 EST 2001

Let me apologize before i start. This thing is solid state, but is a true
boatanchor with weight being the criteria. I suspect Motorola as the mfr.
Rack mounted 12 volt unit , it was powered by massive 12VDC supply.
150mhz. power amplifier. There are six multi-finned heat sinks having 9
fins each on the rear side.  Haven't opened it up to determine type of
transistor finals. I would assume there are six due to the heat sinks.
All ancilliary parts have the Motorola stamp on them. There is a marking
of: 3720927-503 Code A stamped on the chassis.  Any idea of the spec's on
this baby?  I can e-mail picture but on another service.  I keep this one
for the reflectors 'cause it won't receive attachments. Will likely trade
it for bona-fide boatanchors with valves. Fred W7PRV

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