Earthquake damage to BAs

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Wed Feb 28 23:53:45 EST 2001

Just remember if it's like it was here a few miles from the epicenter of the
Loma Prieta quake of a bit higher magnitude, there will be significant
shakes for quite some time.  I would come home and find the filing cabinet
drawers open and finally figured out that the shaking was causing them to
open.  I ended up locking it to keep them closed.

You'll get used to ignoring most of the smaller aftershocks as we did but
don't count out some in the 4+ magnitude that can shake down that precarious
tower of boatanchors.

If you restack stuff remember that an aftershock is apt to cause it to
tumble again so plan accordingly.

I'll bet after this some of you will get out the angle brackets and fasten
furniture and racks to the wall as we all should do in earthquake country.

Ian, K6SDE
San Jose, CA area

"H. W. Petersen" wrote:

> To those who read of damage to the radio collection of Dave, WB7AWK, in
> Tacoma:
> I live in Bellevue about 25 miles from Dave and the quake forces were
> similar at our two locations. I have several stacks of BAs also but they
> didn't suffer any damage. The stacks rest on thick carpet on the floor,
> and a piece of carpet separates each radio in the stack. I wish I could
> take credit for brilliant planning to avoid quake damage but I was just
> lucky. Apparently the carpet allowed the stacks of radios to flex rather
> than fall over. Carpet use is recommended to any BA owners in earthquake
> prone areas.
> 73,
> Pete Petersen

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