FS: Hallicrafters HT-32 parts/carcass

Holden holden at NAC.NET
Mon Jan 1 05:53:25 EST 2001

After over 22 years of almost daily service in my shack, an old warhorse
is being put to pasture. My Hallicrafters HT-32, which was bought as
"dead" in 1978, has blown one too many chokes and output tubes. Because
there are so many other minor things that need real fixing instead of
bandaids I have decided to part it out instead of trying to make the
needed repairs. Therefore it is available in whole or part. Prices will
of course be reasonable: cleanup, determination of full function, and
shipping will be at buyers expense. Parts will be removed in the most
expeditious manner consistent with keeping things intact. Best would be
for someone to pick up the carcass in NNJ. Considering the failure which
has occured, and other known problems, the following parts are not
available for reuse: HV choke, output tubes, relay, function switch
assembly, and cabinet. Cosmetics are not great, this was a worker not a
museum queen. E-mail direct with inquiries.I will be too busy the next
couple of days to evaluate requests so replies may be slow but I will
respond to all.

Howie WB2AWQ

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