Long Delayed BAMA Update - Part 2

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Mon Jan 1 19:56:51 EST 2001

Continued from Part 1:

Partial manual for Harvey-Wells R-9 receiver from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Correct page 11 added to Heath C3 capacitor checker by Al Parker, W8UT.
Factory grid block keying mod for DX-100 from Bob Wolbert, K6XX.
Partial manual for Heath SW-717 from Jack Cain, VE7DBK.
Obsolete tube data sheets for Heath TC-1 tube tester from Bill Jeffrey.
Manual for Heathkit GR-91 from Tom Dover, WD4FFN.
Schematic for Heath HM-10ATunnel Dipper from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for Heathkit HW-29 from Tom Dover, WD4FFN.
Partial manual for Heath SB-610 Monitor Scope from Tom Dover, WD4FFN.
Partial manual for Heathkit GD-1B grid dip meter from Spencer Ritchie
Partial manual for Heathkit GD-125 Q-Multiplier from of Dave Larson,
Partial Manual for Heathkit IP-32 high voltage power supply from Jerry
Ingordo, KC2HAE.
Manual for Henry 1KD5 Amplifier from Lee Dakin, WA1CQN.
Manual for Hickok 870 Transistor Tester from Jerry J. Ingordo, KC2HAE.
Instruction Manual for Hy-Gain 18-AVT from Andy Gluis VK5AAQ.
Technical Manual for HP410C Electronic Voltmeter from Nolan Lee and Pat
Lackey, Sr.
Manual for James C-1050 power supply from Mike Dinelli, N9BOR.
Owners manual for Johnson 6N2 Converter from Dick Solomon, W1KSZ.
Information Bulletin #1 for Johnson Viking Valiant from Joe Lutz,
Construction and operation manual for Johnson Viking Adventurer
transmitter from Gary Wilcox, KE4VUN.
Operation and Service Manuals for Trio-Kenwood TS-510 from Claude
Evrard, F5HSH.
Manual for Trio-Kenwood 9R-59DS from Claude Evrard, F5HSH
Knight 600 Tube Checker - Operations manual from Neal Belmuth.
Knight 600 Tube Checker - Tube Tables from Neal Belmuth.
Partial manual for Knight Kit R-55 receiver from Denis Niehues.
Obsolete tube and supplementary data for Knight 600 tube checker from
Denis Niehues.
Schematic for Knight X10 Crystal Calibrator from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for Knight Model 740 "Ocean Hopper" Receiver from Russ
Fitzpatrick, KI8J.
Schematic for Lysco 403 Modulator from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for Lysco Model 500, 600, 500S and 600S transmitters from Ron
Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for ITT Mackay Marine Model 3010-C from Pedro del Valle, EA2IG
Manual for Measurements Model 139 IF Oscillator (HF Sig. Generator) from
Bob Rainbolt, WB0AUQ.
Instruction Manual for Magnum 6 for Heathkit models from Stu Lyon,
Application Notes for National MB 150 Multi-band Tank from Sheldon
Wheaton, KC0CW
Manual for National SW-54 from Delson Meira, PY2DME.
Manual for National NC-46 from Norm Hall, W6JOD and Mark Shoup.
National NC-270 manual from James Lueck, W5LWU.
Schematic and instructions for National XCU-303 Crystal Calibrator from
Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Manual for National HRO-50.  A composite of the incomplete manual that
is available elsewhere on the web with the missing pages supplied by Bob
Lawson, W4RL. The schematic has been redone and is now usable. Several
other pages have been re-scanned and added to the folder. The original
scans were brought to my attention by Christian Javier Pedernera,
Schematic and photo of Paco C-25 In-Circuit Capacitor Checker from Reed
Park, VE1NU.
Owners manual for Panoramic Panadaptor Model PCA-2 from Sheldon Wheaton,
Owners Manual for RCA WO-33A Oscilloscope from Neal Belmuth.
Owners Manual for RCA WV-76A High Sensitivity AC VTVM from Neal Belmuth.
Manual for RCA Marine Receiver CRM-R6A from Pedro del Valle, EA2IG.
Manual for Sprague TO-6 Capacitor Analyzer from Doug Meek, VE3VBU.
Information sheet, parts list and schematic of Stancor ST-125CW
transmitter from Ron Martinmaki, W9EOA.
Owners manual for Tecraft Criterion VHF converters from Lee Dakin,
Manual for TMC Communications Receiver Model GPR-90 from Brian Hill.
Instruction Book for TMC Single Sideband Adapter Model GSB-1 from Brian
Schematic of WRL DSB-100 Sidebander transmitter from Lee Dakin, WA1CQN.
Manual for Waters Model 361 Codax Automatic Keyer from Eric Falkof,
Schematic for Yaesu FR-100B receiver from Anton Steenbakkers, PA0AST.
Manual for Yaesu FL-200-B SSB Transmitter from Anton Steenbakkers,

A million thanks to all of these generous folks for their contributions
to the cooperative manual archive, http://bama.sbc.edu better known as
"BAMA."  If you meet them on the air or on the net, please tell them how
much you appreciate their support of the BAMA project.


Ken K4XL
k4xl at arrl.net
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