BAMA goes high tech with DjVu.

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Thu Jan 4 22:09:50 EST 2001

OK, I think I've finally got this DjVu thing figured out. If it works as
advertised, it is going to be a tremendous time saver for downloading
manuals. The software for multipage files has now been made available
and I've been converting a few manuals for a trial run. I had a few
problems with the sequence of events needed to achieve the smallest file
practicable without losing details in the pages. I think that I've
"mastered" the technique now and as time allows I will probably convert
the archives to the DjVu format.  All new material will be stored ONLY
in the DjVu format.

If you look in the Heath IT-5283 folder you will see a file that ends
with djv. Notice that it is one of the smallest files in the folder.
Folks, the entire manual is in that single file!!! The Lizard Tech web
site shows that a collection of jpg files totaling 128MB and saved as a
PDF file taking 155MB will require only 3MB as a DjVu file!!!

If you are a BAMA user you need to get the DjVu plugin and install it in
your browser. The Lizard Tech web site download page is at

Once you have downloaded the DjVu plugin and it is installed and
working, you can simply click on that single "djv" file. In the time
that it takes to download that one file, you will have the entire manual
available to read from your browser. You can read, print and save either
the entire manual, a single page or a range of pages. The saved file can
be read by using your browser ( a little awkward ) or by downloading the
free DjVu Solo 3.0 from Lizard Tech.  You can zoom in or out and move
around the zoomed page by simply using the little "hand" or the familiar
scroll bars. If you are familiar with Adobe Acrobat, DjVu will be a
breeze!  If you are interested, please try DjVu and then let me know how
you like it. I would appreciate a quick E-mail note with your

Check the "Recent Additions" page on BAMA for other DjVu manuals.

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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